Summer Camps at Kent ISD!

This summer Kent ISD is offering many different camp options for children entering grades 1st-12th.

Camp Invention (1st– 6th grades)

Camp Invention is a four day adventure in creativity that immerses children in exciting, hands-on activities that reinvent summer fun. Led by local educators, boys and girls are challenged to explore connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation. Participants spend their time building original prototypes and creating a personalized motor-powered vehicle, while designing, improving and analyzing their own inventions in a team setting. Don’t miss out on all new challenges.

Cracking the Code Computer Coding Camp (5th– 6th grades)

Have you ever wondered about how a computer functions? If you have, a computer uses algorithms. Algorithms are the basic instructions or rules a computer follows. This would be some of the fundamentals of computer programing that you will be learning in the Kent ISD’s Coding Club. In this club, we will be conducting both online and offline activities that will help us dive into the ins and outs of computer programing. During this course, will be learning about algorithms, looping, debugging, conditionals and much much more!

Propel Camp (6th– 9th grades)

You could spend a week this summer watching someone on TV launch objects through the air; maybe you could even play a video game that does. Or perhaps, you could spend a week designing and actually building catapults and trebuchets to PROPEL these projectiles yourself! Propel Camp is a week-long experience for 6-8th graders to explore and DO science, technology, engineering, art, and math in real life. For five days, students will work in teams to build the ultimate catapult, and use their machine to compete against other teams at the end of the week in a variety of competitions.

Camp in Motion (6th– 9th grades)

You could spend a week this summer watching NASCAR and dreaming of driving in a big race… OR you could spend a week at Camp in Motion actually designing and building soapbox derby cars and racing them yourself!

Make It, Take It! Graphic Art to Go! (7th– 9th grades)

Creative people wanted! Design and print your own creations on everything from t-shirts, trading cards, buttons and more. You’ll run the printing equipment and even screen print your own shirts.

Cars, Trucks, Diesels and How They Work (7th– 9th grades)

Explore what it’s like to work on automobiles and heavy equipment. Work with real tools to rotate tires, remove and reinstall spark plugs and perform a compression test. You’ll also get to use paint guns and see how engines work.

Sweet Genius- Baking Camp (7th– 9th grades)

Welcome to the wonderful world of baking! Become an expert at making bread, candies, doughnuts and other fried treats, cakes and cupcakes. After this class you could be the next Food Network star.

Yummm!- Culinary Camp (7th– 9th grades)

Future chefs, this camp is for you! Make fabulous gourmet meals, which you can make for yourself and your family at home. You’ll learn the right words to use in the kitchen, how to create the menu, and work as a team to keep the kitchen running. Lunch is included in the registration.

CSI Grand Rapids (7th– 9th grades)

Investigate mock crime scenes, learn defense tactics, conquer obstacle courses and work in a team just like actual law enforcement officials. Your teachers for this exciting week? Real police officers and investigators.

Say Cheese! Photography Camp (7th– 9th grades)

Explore digital photography during scavenger hunts, taking portraits and on a field trip to the zoo! Learn how to set up a good photo and learn some professional photography tricks. Use one of our cameras or bring your own. Plus, use your photos to create fun projects like calendars and buttons and learn the basics of Photoshop.

Tech Academy (7th-9th grades)

Do you love video games and computers? Then this camp is for you! You’ll build a computer, build a network and create your own video game you can actually play!

Cyber Camp- IT Camp (10th-12th grades)

Cyber Camp will allow you to begin to explore a career as a Cyber Security Specialist. Through hands-on labs students will simulate cyber-attack and defense. Students will be guided through the creation of an ethical hacking and penetration testing lab that they will use for both cyber-attack offensive and defensive. Labs topics will include digital forensics, cryptography, network traffic capture, and web site exploitation. Other topics such as mobile wireless security may also be explored. This Cyber Camp for high school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will be taught by professors from the #1 ranked Cyber Security program in the state, Ferris State University.

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